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Omnipage Professional 18: A Powerful and Versatile OCR Solution for Your Business

i have spoken with a number of people who have tried to use omnipage on their home computers without installing the handheld. in virtually all cases, the experience was disappointing. although omnipage pro doesn't talk, it does provide audible feedback, which can be critical, especially when necessary to access buttons and switches. omnipage pro is intended to be a single-user application, and there is no provision for expansion. if you have a family member or a friend who is not visually impaired, you might try an offline version of omnipage pro on a home computer. otherwise, you'll need a heavy-duty license. if you choose to have omnipage on your home computer, use it only for personal use. never transfer it to your computer at work or share it with friends and family.

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is e-ink the answer? e-ink technology is based on the same principle as ink on paper. it uses an electronically generated image, not a "screen," to create a page that appears to be printed on paper. this page can be viewed by a screen reader, and it can be downloaded to a printer for conventional printing. e-ink can be used to print notes on a large format, such as a sheet of paper, or on a tablet pc. e-ink technology is available on a number of inexpensive hardware products and is likely to become more sophisticated and robust in the coming years. rfb&d has installed some e-ink readers on its computers and has found them to be reasonably reliable, with few problems. although these devices are useful, because the book is electronic, it is more difficult to convert the file to printable formats than converting a conventional printed book. because e-ink is not a direct replacement for a screen reader, a screen reader will still be necessary to create a page, and e-ink does not appear to offer the tactile feedback of a conventional screen reader. however, the electronic page will still provide a valuable reference for the blind or visually impaired when using a screen reader. if you decide to replace your current screen reader with an e-ink reader, you need to determine which software you need to install on your computer. omnipage offers the release omnipage v 1.6 for e-ink readers, which can be found at . omnipage will allow the use of e-ink, but it cannot convert the file.


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