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ETKA (01.2022): The Ultimate Guide to Download and Use the Electronic Parts Catalogue for VAG Cars

etka 8.2 download when we say offline mode it means that the program will not ask you to sign in to etka if you are already logged in. it will just remember the last time when you logged in and when you go back to the app, it will automatically sign you in.

ETKA download


budapest will host a two day-long and successfull programme of activities on 1st and 2nd september 2014. it will be the second big campus based event where the international startups and pioneers of hungarian food industry meet. the aim of the event is to create a unique and inspiring place for startuppers and entrepreneurs. the program includes mentoring, meetings, keynote speeches, exhibitions and more.

etka program is a package program, which means it is set to work with any of the car models for which there is an electronic catalog. the only condition is that you choose it with the number of the car from its electronic catalog.

the main purpose of etka is to help you with your everyday vehicle: to find the exact spare part and find the best value for money, and to be sure that the car is ready for the owner in the shortest time.

etkaba always remained connected to the owner and always provided him / her with all the needed information, including cost-cutting recommendations. etkaba eliminated many unnecessary trips from the owner's point of view and gave him / her the opportunity to save money!

only the exceptional levels of service in the automotive world can win the previous 100 million users and 550,000,000 downloads (over the last three years) from the former owner. today, one in every two and a half people owns an auto, and our target group is expanding by 4 million per year, which is now over 75,000,000 users.


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