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[S14E23] Caviar Emptor HOT!

Manny Suleimani, a very wealthy caviar dealer, is found dead the day after his marriage to a much younger trophy wife. His autopsy shows that he was tranquilized and smothered with a pillow. The victim's wife Yasmine, son Ben, and daughter Roya all had motive and opportunity to kill. Roya dislikes Yasmine and was upset that her father wouldn't allow her to adopt a Chinese baby girl. Forensic evidence indicates Roya is the killer, so she is arrested.

[S14E23] Caviar Emptor


When a caviar importer is murdered the day after his wedding to a much-younger woman, the large pool of suspects includes his new wife, his children, and his chief competitor, each of whom has a compelling motive for committing the crime. 041b061a72


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