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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Content Pack

the effect tool lets you apply effects to video and audio using masks and transitions. pinnacle studio lets you apply a more-or-less same effect to multiple clips. for instance, you could apply a color-correction to the four videos of a roll, and then grade them. the transitions will work with any clips that are source or output. once applied, the transition will also be applied to the corresponding audio track. you can also add a reference image, and use the same clip for both audio and video.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Content Pack

pinnacle studio ultimate includes a motion-tracking tool. i couldn't get it to do a good job of tracking my masked biker, but it worked well enough to produce a useful track. like its stablemate corel videostudio, pinnacle studio now fully supports high-resolution monitors. the tool does better than some other similar tools at tracking motion, which i found useful for scrubbing through the clip in order to reposition the object.

pinnacle studio ultimate lets you simultaneously edit multiple clips of the same event shot at different angles. the base version allows two camera angles, plus makes it four, and ultimate gives you six. the tool did a good job of aligning my clips using their audio tracks, but you can also align using time codes and markers. as with all these tools, you switch among angles by tapping a clip's box in a grid. there are also boxes for switching the output track to clear and to black, which is great if you want to add b-roll later.

pinnacle studio ultimate is a good video editing package for the mac. it doesn't have the variety of features of powerdirector or videostudio, but it can easily compete with the pc's best video editing package. most of pinnacle studio's tools are similar to those in other mac video editing applications; you still get the same 4k editing tools, including trimming, cropping, and rotation, along with support for multiple video and audio formats. but pinnacle studio ultimate also has some unique tools, including the stylize, cartoon, and seamless transition tools, which we think are fun. and although it's not free, it's less than half the price of the competition.


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