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Block Reimage Repair [UPDATED]

After getting complaints from some of our users about Malwarebytes detecting Reimage as a malware, I have checked our installer in and found that you do flag us. I then installed your free version (with the default settings) and confirmed it does block Reimage from installing or even downloading.

Block Reimage Repair

Reimage is an advanced OS repair tool that fix damaged registry and system files by comparing them to a clean image that matches the user OS, and then replacing all the damaged and missing files and registry components. Reimage uses a patent pending technology in order to compare between the healthy system and the user system. We have the ability not only to remove the infected file but also to restore the healthy component from our huge repository of spare parts. Reimage is a complimentary solution to AVs, and does not compete with them. More details regards the technology and patent can be find on the web, there is no other product that is able to fix/recover a system like Reimage does:

Your reference to -york-city/business-reviews/computers-service-and-repair/reimage-com-inc-in-new-york-ny-102563#doesn't show positive experiences either, but negative instead.The biggest problem here is, in order to fix/repair what it has found, a license needs to be purchased. In my case, it asks to purchase a license to only clean my temp folder and recycle bin, while I can easily do this via windows cleanmgr.Can't you give the user at least a trial, with full options and repair/fix - even if it's only for 1 day or so? That would be a fair action to take, so the user can also actually try your program to see if items are fixed properly.

Hi,The classification of PUP is by our criteria and assessment based on observed behaviours detailed in this thread.We respect what information you supply but we also take into account other factors as in our initial reasons for listing.Please accept we have not received any f/p reports either here in the forum or via our customer support channels from our 20 million plus end users of our software during the week that your software has been listed as PUP.Usually when we accidentally F/p a popular software we are very quick to get reports to that effect.We have however many times received complaints from our users that we do not detect, block or remove your software as no doubt they have been the victim of shady distribution practise's by some of your business partners/affiliates.We also respect that you take steps to address this but also we find that it does not take us many minutes to find them on the web. So we ask the question if we can find them that quickly then something does not hold true when you say your doing your best to clean them up.With respect to the free trial suggestion you are correct this is not a valid reason for listing as PUP on its own but in the case of charging someone for doing the same job as cleanmgr which is supplied for free with the windows OS then this again does not seem ethical.Why is it that you don't offer a trial for the user, even if it's only for 1 day?That said we will be happy to review your detection over the coming months and if we see an improvement in your affiliates behaviour and/or a free trial offered then we will review your listing as PUP again.

Reimage is a Windows repair tool, than fixes crashes, instability and damage that caused by malicious programs. It does so by repairing and restoring system files and repairing and restoring registry keys and values. It does all the formatting and reinstalling Windows does, all while keeping the user programs and data intact. You can see here see a comparison between registry cleaners and Reimage here

In addition to our main feature, and as a service for our users, reimage also takes care of malware that can run on the user PC (since many time it cause the damage that led the user to Reimage in the first place), empty the user junk files, and clean very specific places in the registry, with entries in that can affect the user (and there such entries, since in the end of the day Windows registry is a database that Windows use constantly - _Registry).

Even if reimage finds registry issues and junk, you will see that if these are the only issues that were found, we will say that the severity of the damage is low. It will take a lot of registry errors (a few hundreds), and a lot of junk files (we calculate it as a percentage from the free space of the system partition) for the severity of the damage to be considered as medium. And it will never be high only from these two categories.

This End User License Agreement ("EULA") constitutes a legally binding agreement between you, a user of Reimage Product and Service as defined below ("user" or "you") and Reimage Ltd. ("Company", "us", "we" and "our"). This EULA together with our Privacy Policy -policy/ (collectively the "Terms") govern your use of our web-based PC maintenance and repair service developed, owned and operated solely by us available for Windows OS and Mac and mobile (Android or iOS) (each a "Product").

The access to our Product and the use of the Service, are subject to the Product download and/or subscription (as elaborated below) as well as acceptance of these Terms and creation of your account ("Account"). In order to register and create your own personal Account, you must first register and provide accurate and complete information. Be aware that any personal data provided by you when using the Product or Services shall be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy -policy/ After providing the requested information you will choose a user name and a password. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password you designate, and you agree to immediately notify us of any disclosure or unauthorized use or breach of security at

We have added some features to our Service which will be available on a limited free trial basis ("Limited Free trial"), whereas other may require payment of a subscription-based fee or other charges. If you received a Limited Free Trial offer, you may be able to use specified features of the Service without being charged during a stated trial period, such as free repair and removing Infected Files ("Free Trial Period"). If we have informed you that your Free Trial Period will automatically be converted to a paid subscription for a one-time or recurring fee, you will be able to cancel your account in order to avoid charges. We also provide a subscription membership as detailed below, this membership can be refunded within 60 days if you are not satisfied, for more information please review herein. In any event the first scan of your device is always free of charge. By not cancelling your account, you authorize us to charge your payment method for the subscription fees applicable to the type of subscription that you selected upon registration.

Our Service may include certain interactive features that allow users to post, transmit and receive messages on discussion forums or other online channels ("Communications"). We do not prescreen or editorially control Communications on our Services. We reserve the right (but do not assume the responsibility) to block or remove any Communications brought to our attention which we consider in violation of this Agreement or detrimental to the Service or to any person. We do not claim any right, title or ownership with respect to your content and Communications. If you make post or make any Communications, you irrevocably grant a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, right to store, copy, reproduce, adapt, reformat, create derivative works of, transmit, disseminate, publicly display and perform such Communications through the Service and to make such incidental and additional uses as may be needed to operate the Service and any affiliated sites through any media or technology now known or hereafter created.

Reimage has exclusive access to a dynamically updated web repository of fresh system components - used as "spare" parts for the repair. Reimage is also able to repair virus damage on your PC.No other PC repair/registry repair software on the market offers this.

It is important to remember that the Reimage repair is an extensive repair of your operating system. Once used, your operating system is returned to a working state. Over time and with ordinary PC use, you may need to use the repair again, and if used too frequently the effects may be lessened.

However, if you are experiencing any one of the issues that brought you to use Reimage in the first place, i.e. crashing, freezing, blue screens of death, etc., then feel free to run the Reimage repair again.

To avoid a frustratingly slow repair process, we suggest a minimum of 512MB of RAM on the PC under repair and a high speed internet access. In case your PC has numerous pop ups, viruses or home page hijackers, it is highly suggested running Reimage in safe mode with networking. It will run faster and improve repair quality.

Safe Mode is a special diagnostic mode of Windows which requires a PC reboot.Booting in Windows Safe Mode bypasses normal windows settings and startup programs, allowing a faster and smoother Reimage repair.In order to run Reimage in safe mode go to Start menu->Reimage repair->Run in safe mode

Your Reimage installation should be unlocked for repairs either way, just go over the free scan phase once more and upon reaching the repair phase you shouldn't be asked for the key - if you are, contact support.

Try running Reimage in safe mode with networking By going to start menu->Reimage repair->run in safe mode). This should solve your problem, if you are still facing difficulties, contact support.

The length of the repair is dependent upon the repair scope, hardware and your Internet connection. Some computers will take longer than others if they are more damaged or have a greater amount of viruses.


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