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Securecrt 6.1 Serial Number License 14

The Catalyst 4000 with Supervisor Engine I chassis serial number on the Catalyst 4003, 2948G, and 2980G is not readable through a CLI command. The serial number that appears in the show version command output in the example in this section is the serial number of the Supervisor Engine. The actual serial number appears on a sticker on the outside of the chassis.

securecrt 6.1 serial number license 14


On the Catalyst 4500/4000 Supervisor 2, the chassis serial number is available via CLI in versions 5.5(10), 6.3(2), and later versions. In earlier versions, theshow versioncommand shows the Supervisor Engine serial number in the place of the chassis serial number. To obtain the serial number of the chassis in these earlier versions, check the external sticker on the chassis.

Use theshow versioncommand to determine the chassis serial number and switch model type, as the example here shows. You find all switch stack members, chassis, and serial number information in the output:

If the server already has a valid certificate and you are replacing it with a new one, specify a different serial number. This ensures that client browsers are notified of this change, update to this new certificate as expected, and do not fail to access the page. To create a new certificate with a custom serial number, as root, use the following command instead of genkey:

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