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Top 10 Things To Buy Your Girlfriend

A travel jacket is both a practical and luxurious gift to give a travelling woman. Not only is it a great way to stay comfortable and warm, but it also gives you plenty of space to pack your belongings with you.

top 10 things to buy your girlfriend

Most of the items on this list are things I or my travelling friends personally use, and I hope you will be inspired by these amazing gifts for women who travel, and it helps you pick a gift for your travelling friends.

These are really good gift options. I agree that it can be tricky to pick the "perfect gift" that can really give practical and sentimental value. When it comes to traveler friends, they'd usually prefer gifts that can be easy to carry and of course, useful. You might also be interested in this product to easily carry around on your next travels. Do check it out:

Treat your girlfriend to velvety coffee this Christmas with this luxurious Godiva coffee set. Nothing is better than a good cup of Joe in the morning, so impress her with this tasty treat. Coffee may not seem intimate, but this is one of the most romantic gifts for her.

Rest easy while your girlfriend does too with this luxurious satin sleep set. Nothing reduces stress and makes facing the day easier than a sleep mask and satin pillowcase! Perfect for girlfriends who are always hard at work, this gift will allow her to unwind in style.

These shower steamers make for a thoughtful stocking stuffer. When used in the shower or bath these tablets release aromatherapy essential oils to promote relaxation. The melts are available in citrus, grapefruit, and cocoa orange flavors. Your girlfriend will be extra grateful for this gift after a long day at work or a rigorous gym session.

This may not seem like the most exciting girlfriend gift on our list but stick with us. After a long day of work, it can be a real struggle to come home and have to cook. This funky rice cooker saves half the battle (and time) of dinner, by allowing users to cook grains in their microwave. From quinoa to rice, to couscous, you name it, this will make her life 100 times easier.

The musical sleep mask is another great self-care gadget for girlfriends. This is especially useful for women who travel often, as it blocks out all sound and light to ensure a good rest on a plane or train. Also useful for tuning out her boyfriend, as needed.

Another sentimental gift idea for your girlfriend, try these birthstone earrings. The personal touch shows how well you know her and jewelry with meaning is sure to make her swoon. Just make sure you pick the right stone!

Boho decor is in and here to stay. If she likes laidback styles and enjoys interior design, this is a safe gift for your girlfriend. The three hangings feature complex craftsmanship and bring a relaxed Bali vibe to any room.

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Wondering what to buy in Iceland but uncertain about the best Iceland souvenirs? Searching for items that best represent the country and will serve as a valuable reminder of your time here? Read ahead for the top Icelandic souvenirs and the best places to look for something unique.

If you take a guided shopping tour, or simply walk down the main shopping street in Reykjavik, Laugavegur, you'll see that most souvenir shops focus on two things: puffin plushies and stuffed polar bears. If you want to easily get around the city and visit some of its shopping malls, we recommend renting a cheap and small car, perfect for the well-maintained roads of Reykjavik. If you're looking to stay in the capital, explore the biggest selection of hotels in Reykjavik and find the perfect room for you.

From knitwear to alcohol or Icelandic chocolate, literature to confections, you're sure to find something that speaks to you when deciding what to buy in Iceland. Whether you are searching for the best gifts from Iceland for family and friends back home or perhaps something for yourself, the following items make some of the best Icelandic souvenirs - and the most authentic!

Icelandic "delicacies" are not to everyone's taste, but they're a true reflection of this unusual country and make for great conversation topics when you return home. What better way to share the experience with your friends back home than by bringing back some edible souvenirs from Iceland.

If the above options do not appeal, perhaps you could find longer-lasting and more tasty things to buy in Iceland, like a jar of Icelandic thyme. Otherwise, you might try one of the fancy Icelandic sea salts, which come in different colors and are brimming with natural minerals.

While the above choices reflect the diverse culture of Iceland, they're not the only options for what to buy in Iceland - or where to buy it. There are many locations across the country where you can browse and find Icelandic souvenirs more suited to your taste and budget.

The items for sale are created with reusable materials for sustainability reasons. This means your souvenir will not have a needless environmental impact like it would if you purchased something mass-produced and shipped from China.

Jewelry is a perfect gift for girls around the world, including your Vietnamese girlfriend. Heart, floral, key can lock patterns are more popular than others. There is a wide range of choices including earrings, arm and leg bracelets, necklaces or jewelry sets.

Silver jewelry is cheaper than gold, platinum jewelry. Some Vietnamese people believe that silver (bạc) means heartless (bạc tình), they can buy silver jewelry for themselves but do not want to receive gifts made of silver. Do not forget to check if your girlfriend is happy with gifts made of silver.

Certainly, diamond is the best choice if you are rich. In my opinion, it is a little dangerous to gift a new girlfriend expensive diamond jewelry. Some Vietnamese girls do not like too expensive gifts from a new boyfriend.

A ring is not recommended to gift your girlfriend. In Vietnamese culture, ring is one of the symbols of marriage. It should be gifted when you propose to her, a ring is a great gift for your wife but not your girlfriend. However, a jewelry set including a ring can be accepted.

Do you think that suitcases, shoes, underwear, knife sets, nail clippers sets are acceptable gifts for your Vietnamese girlfriend? In fact, they are not recommended gifts because of the following reasons:

Suitcases are necessary for people who are going to leave to travel, work and settle. Gifting a suitcase to your girlfriend means that you would like to see her off, you and she are separated in the future.

Shoes (giày, hài) is pronounced the same as groaning (hai) in the Vietnamese language. Some people think that their girlfriends walk away after receiving and wearing new shoes. So that it is better not to gift shoes to your girlfriend.

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The Beautifect Box is a bit of a best-kept-secret-but-still-cult-favorite for the glam set. In one gorgeous portable vanity set you get 5 Hollywood-caliber lighting settings, space for your skincare and go-to beauty bits, as well as essential brushes. For the beauty lover, it's a gift that's beyond.

While there are more effective ways to keep in touch, sending your girlfriend a postcard has a much more personal touch to it. Beautiful postcards are lovely keepsakes and decorations that she can keep with her.

You might have a holiday, but she has to go to the office, or you might have weekend plans with your buddies, while she has family commitments. Surprise her by spending this time with her by dropping your plans to show her you value being around her.

It may not come up immediately, but it could eventually happen when you all hang out together. When your friends or family pay her a compliment or mention an anecdote about her, she will be pleasantly surprised to hear them. 041b061a72


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